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August 26, 2008
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Swimsuit Katara's how ch. 16 by Awoken-myth Swimsuit Katara's how ch. 16 by Awoken-myth
Okay, so what is this pic about?

Vickie (aka :iconzutaraxmylove:) and me had a small discussion about wether she could or couldn't write about clothing details well. I said she could. So, here comes the part I tried to draw:

"Katara was wearing a swimsuit where once on the beach, all male eyes turned toward her, causing any girlfriends to slap their man’s face. It was a deep burgundy red halter wrap top with the Fire Nation emblem at where the ties met above her chest. Her skirt was very short, nearly half of her upper thigh, the same color as her top, the sides had slits. Her hair was half tied into a topknot without a crown, her curls falling down on her shoulders."
(comes from Katara's How ch.16 [link] by :iconzutaraxmylove:)

The conversation:

Me:Very nice chapter Vickie :aww:
Love the Zutaraness !( of course;))
And I still think it was an awesome idea to let 'em go to ember island. ^^
*sigh* Chan? Why do I find im so annoying everytime when he says that? ( Okay, I kinda hope Zuko's gonna kick his ass ^^; but then again: your choise if he will ;))
Great writing as usual ( nice details about the clothing and hair by the way ^^)

cuz i sucked at it...but then again, u guys think its cool.....*raised eyebrow*
cuz i didnt know how to desribe such and such clothing...
hmmm i wanna see if people, or u, can draw the clothing i described

me: You DIDN'T suck at it ^^
Not at all. Stop being so harsh for yourself :)
I can try drawing if you want me too ^^
So I did try drawing it :D
It's a quick sketch but because of the colour details and all I decided to colour it too :aww:
One more thing: the girl isn't supposed to represent Katara ^^;
Hope you guys (especially Vickie) like it :iconjarryplz:
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zutaraxmylove Aug 26, 2008  Student Filmographer
lols! u were pretty close...
i'll wait to see if there's more entries before i tell u what is different than wut i pictured
Okay ^^
Fine by me :D
I kinda like it ^^
But then again I draw clothes longer then I draw people.
zutaraxmylove Aug 26, 2008  Student Filmographer
hmm thats interesting..
for me, its heads longer than bodies >.<
Well duh, those are not Katara's hair, their are not brown ^_^ So it's not Katara :D
I think you did a good job on that, although you need to work a little on the anatomy proportions (got it all very long my dear ^^ neck a little too long, breast a little to low, veeeeeeeeery long belly ;) ) but you got it all right :D Cheers for that, keep it up, you know you can! ;)
I didn't really try to do the anatomy proportions right to be honest :D
I was just trying to make the clothes look good ^^
I also told Vickie soon after that conversation I'd only try drawing the clothes :D
By the way, it's a sketch I made in about 5 minutes. The colouring took me about seven minutes :D
So yeah ^^;
But mostly I'm busy working on my entries for your contest ^^
Heehee, well the clothes look good :D :D :D
I can't wait to see your entryyyyyyyy :heart:
It's taking me freakin' long to finish it X3
I don't think I ever worked on any Da entries this long :O
looooool I haven't even started mine! >.<
You don't have a deadline! XD
Oh... yeah... you're right ^^ heehee, but it makes me more serious about it if I participate like everyone, heehee :D
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